Corporate philosophy


We always analyze the situation thoroughly and comprehensively consider all the factors that affect it. Our methodology is scientifically based, and the work system is worked out to the smallest detail, taking into account our many years of experience. We always offer only those solutions that contribute to the achievement of long-term reputational goals.


It is organic for us to be in the same boat as our customers. We always stay close if we are needed. Relying on our experience, we are always ready to proactively offer solutions to even those problems that have not yet arisen, but are possible.


We always show maximum responsibility for the performance of work for our Clients. If there is an urgent need, we do not wait for the completion of the necessary bureaucratic procedures, but get straight to work. We carefully comply with all our Clients' confidentiality requirements and are not only a reliable partner, but also a trusted advisor.


Clients' trust in us is priceless - we work to meet the expectations. There are no trifles and secondary projects for us - everything entrusted by the Client deserves attention and a responsible attitude. Therefore, in some places we are ready to start work even before the Contract is formally signed. Due to this, our clients have been working for years as with us the proven partner and trusted advisor who is always where it is needed.


We believe that a healthy relationship with the Client is always built on honesty. Therefore, we speak frankly if we consider a certain decision to be wrong. The ideas we offer may seem provocative and non-standard or, on the contrary, conservative and cautious, but behind them there is always a cold calculation and a clear understanding of the Client's reputational goals.

Impact on the world

We live and work in a shared world. And we want to see it humane and safe. Our commitment to humanistic ideals is realized both through our own pro bono social initiatives and through the social projects of our clients.

PR-Service: Our rules

Every agency develops its own rules of existence and business over time. Some call it a philosophy; others call it handwriting, a code or an ideology. Whatever it is, these rules define us and our worldview.


We work only with those who understand the value of reputation and the importance of managing it. This applies to both clients and people who join our team.


We are guided by common sense, so we know how to justify our point of view, including why it is worth doing certain actions and why the price is as it is.


We are confident positive that a win-win approach gives the best results. When everyone benefits from the project, then every link is quality oriented.


We work as a team. This applies not only to employees, but also to customers and partners. As long as we are united by the task, we have a common goal, and therefore there is no split into "us" and "them".

We need like-minded people

PR-Service Agency is not hunting employees "from 9 to 17" and "tell-me-what-to-do".

We need associates. Those who share our rules. Those who are ready to take initiative and responsibility. Those who are willing to help and ask for it when needed. And finally, we don't care about your diploma. If this resonates with your vision, drop us a line at

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