The largest operator of fixed communications in Ukraine.


Network of the new level

The state-owned communications operator Ukrtelecom inherited the largest Ukrainian network after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, it was built from copper wire, and over time it became clear that high-speed data transmission required optical fiber and completely different equipment. That's why Ukrtelecom started modernizing its own network.

To change the perception of the client's image as an operator with a "Soviet" approach and "Soviet" data transfer quality.

What did we do?

The focus campaign was devoted to the modernization of the network for stakeholders and subscribers. It was conducted at two levels: basic (for consumers) using simple messages and professional (for experts) in the field of telecom, who were provided with more specific information and technical characteristics of the new network. Both levels were supported in national and regional media and social media.

Strengthening the Ukrtelecom communications technological leadership.
More than 50 relevant publications with a total coverage of more than 3 million contacts.