The largest operator of fixed communications in Ukraine.


Copper disappeared

Ukrtelecom, the state-owned telecommunications operator, faced numerous cable thefts. Copper, the basis of the cable, is quite pricy on the non-ferrous metal market. However, the damage to the network caused by thieves is ten times as more than the value of the metal sold for scrap.

To reduce the number of thefts and draw public attention to the problem in order to increase attention to possible incidents.

What did we do?

A three-pronged campaign designed to address the issue through:

  • Informing wide audience about damage to critical infrastructure facilities and people's livelihood as a result of communication disruption.
  • Spreading information of a cash reward for notices about cable thieves.
  • Coverage of the company's joint projects with local authorities and law enforcement in the most problematic regions to prevent cable theft and bring the culprits to justice.
A significant reduction in the number of copper cable theft cases.
Highlighting the involvement of local authorities and law enforcement agencies to counter the theft of copper cable from communication and distribution networks.
Legislative strengthening of liability for cable theft and non-ferrous metal scrap acceptance control.
More than 30 relevant publications in national coverage media and in the most problematic regions with more than 2 million contacts coverage.