One of the largest producers of food and beverages in the world with annual sales of more than 67 billion dollars.


In addition to the fact that PepsiCo Ukraine makes products well known to Ukrainian consumers, the company is also part of the parent corporation. Therefore, global initiatives in Ukraine should be implemented at the world level.

Development of the company's communication lines in social networks, increasing the quantitative and qualitative indicators of corporate representation on Facebook.

What did we do?

Development, incorporation and implementation of a new content strategy for PepsiCo's corporate and consumer brands, visualization based on the company's global standards customized for the Ukrainian audience.

The Facebook page of PepsiCo's Ukrainian business is №1 among present in Ukraine global FMCG-food leaders: undisputed leadership with a significant margin in terms of quantitative and qualitative indicators, exponential growth in the number of page followers, high user interaction rates with the page content.