One of the largest producers of food and beverages in the world with annual sales of more than 67 billion dollars.


Besides from the fact that PepsiCo Ukraine makes well known to Ukrainian consumers products, the company is also part of the parent corporation. Therefore, global initiatives in Ukraine should be implemented worldwide.

Expansion of the range of projects within the corporate strategy of sustainable development "Performance with purpose", active involvement of employees in the company's social initiatives, development of charity and volunteerism as the corporate culture, formation of team spirit in company’s local separated subdivisions and teams. Internal social and communication project.

What did we do?

The Agency provided a full cycle of development and implementation of a project to hold the one-day-holiday events with a family atmosphere for children of orphanages, which included games and educational activities, joint entertainment and communication with company volunteers, cooking workshops, meals and gifts.

Internal communications to attract employees and popularize the project, including visual promo materials in offices, e-mails to employees, messages for the internal website and corporate social networks, publications in the corporate magazine. 27 PepsiCo volunteers in 6 cities of Ukraine took part in a series of events for 175 children from 9 children's institutions.