The largest telecommunications operator of Ukraine, which provides mobile communication and data transmission services to more than 24.3 million customers


We crush stereotypes about people aged 50+

Kyivstar is a telecommunications leader in Ukraine. What would you do if the majority of active Ukrainians are already your clients? Activate those who currently use mobile only to make a call!

Users 50+ are predominantly terrified of the Internet, messengers and websites, not to mention video calls. And just one campaign cannot solve the issue.

What did we do?

Together with the client, we are launching a long-term project "Smartphone for parents". Its goal is to get over the digital gap between generations, to teach the older ones to use a mobile phone no worse than their children and grandchildren. And those were children and grandchildren who assisted us in adapting people aged 50+ to new technologies.

A series of educational activities, where children and grandchildren made their be parents involved in.
The launch of the first online mobile literacy school with video lessons on the portal.
Special projects in Pink, Bird in Flight, Cases LINKS, etc. about modern technologies in the life of the elderly.
As a result of the project implementation, the share of people 50+ with smartphones in the Kyivstar users’ database has significantly increased.
The total communication channels coverage amounted to more than 25 million contacts.
The project also gained recognition in the professional environment: it was awarded with Excellence Awards, EFFIE Awards Ukraine, X-RAY Marketing Awards and became a finalist of the Partnership for Sustainability award and SABER Awards EMEA.