Ukrainian company specializing in retail trade. Founded in 1993. It has more than 50,000 stores throughout Ukraine.


Solidarity in the COVID-19 response

When Ukrainians faced the global pandemic of COVID-19, the ATB company aimed its support to the most socially vulnerable Ukrainians — those who were knocked out by the pandemic. The company did not just support hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians with groceries, taking care of them and helping them maintain social distance, but also provided assistance worth UAH 100 million via the Ministry of Social Policy and bought medical equipment for hospitals in Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv and other cities.

To highlight the social solidarity campaign and strengthen the reputation of ATB as a reliable socially responsible partner.

What did we do?

National coverage of communication with a focus on local/regional media and a number of related activities:

  • Creating texts and multimedia content for all types of communication - corporation official messages, mass media and social networks materials, including channels in messengers.
  • Responding to crisis communication challenges, leveling the consequences of negativity.
  • Informing about the ATB online trading platform.
ATB communication has become a benchmark of communication for the retail industry during the pandemic.
The actual communication coverage exceeds 20 million contacts.
  • More than 200 news items in national media, including news sites and TV stories.

  • Over 800 media displays of regional coverage, including regional/local news sites, TV stories, popular social media publics and messenger channels.

Significant strengthening of ATB's reputation and brand loyalty among target audiences and stakeholders.
Online sales of the ATB internet platform skyrocketed by 45% during the campaign.